environmental radiation monitoring station (ERMS)

Environmental radiation monitoring station (ERMS) in Malaysia ERMS is a real-time data transmission system from the ERMS Station to the AELB system. ERMS transmits dose rate reading data via Gamma ray detection. These dose rate readings can be viewed in real time on the AELB website. Currently, there are six (6) ERMS Stations throughout Malaysia namely Pengkalan CHEPA, Kuantan, Senai, Cameron Highland, Kudat and Sri Aman. The selection of the ERMS site is based on several criteria identified by AELB such as wind direction and the availability of internet access to send real-time data to the National Center for Nuclear Response Management (NCNRM) the main function of ERMS as a radiation early warning system that can automatically detect any increasing levels of radiation in the environment and identifying any changes in the composition of ambient radiation

MyAtom Application Version 2.0

The MyAtom application is used for quick access and to obtain accurate information about the distribution of radioactive material locations in areas where there is an immediate need for emergency cases such as natural disasters, fires, floods and others. This application is used by other agencies such as the Royal Malaysian Police, the Fire and Rescue Department, the national disaster management agency and the National Security Council to collect preliminary information related to radioactive materials at the scene of the incident. This application is not disclosed to the public for security reasons.

decision support system

Radiation monitoring using JRODOS Decision Support System (DSS)

  1. It is a computer application that calculates plumes containing radiation released from Radiological and Nuclear emergencies
  2. Support in making appropriate response decisions during and after Radiological and Nuclear emergencies