Deputy Director General

Ts. Ibrahim bin Muhamad

Email: ibrahim[at]aelb.gov.my
Tel: 03 8922 5888




  1. Establish and lead Department of Atomic Energy ICT security team;
  2. Assist the Director General in performing of tasks involving security of ICT;
  3. Determine security requirements for ICT;
  4. Coordinate the development and implementation of training and awareness programmes on security of ICT;
  5. Ensure that all users understand and comply with Department of Atomic Energy‘s Cyber Security Policy (PKS) ;
  6. Ensure all organizational needs (financial resources, consumer resources and security protection) are adequate; and
  7. Planning of risk assessment and ICT security programs in the Department of Atomic Energy ‘s Cyber Security Policy are in accordance with the current regulations.



  1. Lead the organization’s use of data, analytics and technology in the areas of digital technology, data infrastructure and data governance;
  2. Transforming digital services (products and services) as data-driven innovators focuses on Government and consumer services especially involving data analytics, digital literacy and self-service platforms;
  3. Transforming the customer’s experience as a data-driven innovator focuses on Whole-of Government, primarily involving the data sharing, open data, new technologies, smart technologies and digital services between agencies and regulatory;
  4. Assess, coordinate, certify digital service requirements, design of technical service and development budget as well as to manage the agency as implementers of digitization initiatives and projects.