1. Class checklist A (Category 1) LEM-SS-1 kelas A
2. Class checklist A (Category 2) LEM-SS-2 Sem.1 kelas A
3. Class checklist A (Category 3 – 5) LEM-SS-11 kelas A
4. Class checklist C (Particle Accelerator) LEM-SS-4 kelas C
5. Class checklist C (Industrial Radiography) LEM-SS-12 kelas C
6. Class checklist C (X-ray gauge) LEM-SS-3 Sem.1 kelas C
7. Class checklist D (Transportation Activities) LEM-SS-6 kelas D
8. Class checklist E (Import/Export) LEM-SS-5 kelas E
9. Class checklist G (Industrial Disposal) LEM-SS-15 kelas G
10. Class checklist H (Activities of Training Agencies) LEM-SS-10 kelas H
11. Class checklist H (Maintenance Service Activities) LEM-SS-7 Sem.3 class H
12. Class checklist H (Assembly-Manufacturing Activities) LEM-SS-8 class H
13. Class checklist H (Consultant Company Activities) LEM-SS-9 class H
14. Class checklist recognition of radiation workers SS_Pengiktirafan Pekerja Sinaran
15. Registration checklist SS_Pendaftaran


1. Checklist – class A (Radioactive Material Waste Treatment Facility) LEM-SS-12 class A
2. Checklist – class A (Manufacturing related to radioactive materials) LEM-SS-11 class A
3. Checklist – class A (Seller of mineral materials NORM.TENORM) LEM-SS-13 class A
4. Checklist – class G (Dispose of radioactive material, dismantle broadcasting apparatus) LEM-SS-15 class G
5. Checklist – class G (Waste management, disposal, liquidation of factory installations) LEM-SS-14 class G
6. Checklist – class H (Processing of waste sludge and oil scale) LEM-SS-16 class H
7. Checklist – class H (Activity ACTIVITY NORM/TENORM) LEM-SS-15 class H
8. Checklist – class A (Activity ACTIVITY NORM/TENORM) LEM-SS-17 class A


1.Checklist Permission Request LEM/SS/UKP/1
2.Checklist Import/Export Permit Application LEM/SS/UKP/2