01 22 Mac 2011 LEM/AL/2 Regulatory Requirements For Site Evaluation Of Nuclear Power Plant
02 22 Dis 2016 LEM/AM/11 Sem.1 What is the Atomic Energy Licensing Board?
03 01 Sept 1994 LEM/AM/14 Guidance Scheme Towards Recognition of Radioactive Laboratories By Atomic Energy Licensing Board
04 10 Okt 1994 LEM/AM/18 Application for Exemption / Registration of Amang Plant From Being Licensed Under the Atomic Energy Licensing (Small Amang Plant) (Exemption) Order 1994
05 10 Feb 2020 LEM/AM/19 Sem.1 Contamination of Radioactive Sources in Scrap Metals
06 10 Feb 2020 LEM/AM/19 Rev.1 Radioactive Source Contamination in Scrap Metal
07 02 Apr 2009 LEM/AM/20 Atomic Energy Licensing Board Questionnaires Additional Protocol (AP) Reviewing Manufacturing Industries
08 13 Januari 2022 LEM/AM/22 Sem.1 Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 Outbreak at the Office of the Atomic Energy Licensing Board