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BIL. Date NO. SIRI Title
01 25 April 2018
General Guide for Obtaining a License from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board
02 16 May 2019 LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. A) Sem.1

License Application Guide for Industrial Radiographic Activities (Category 2)
03 17 August 2018
LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. B) Sem.1
Class H License Application Guide To Provide Services As An Industrial Radiographic Operator Training Agency
04 25 July 2018
LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. C)
License Application Guide for Radiation Gauge and X-Ray Gauge Activities (Control Categories 3, 4, 5 & 7)
05 19 March 2019
LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. D)
Required Information for Class A Manufacturing License:

i. Site Placement Rating;

ii. Construction Stage;

iii. Temporary Operating License (TOL); and

iv. Full Operating Stage License (FOSL)

06 01 August 2019
LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. E)
Class H License Application Guide for Becoming a Radiation Protection Officer Training Agency
07 12 Dec 2019
LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. G)
Guide to Obtaining a License from the Board for Activities Under Class G (Does Not Involve NORM)
08 10 Feb 2020
LEM/TEK/1 (Bhg. H)
Guide to Obtaining a License from the Board for Activities Under Class G License (Involving NORM)
09 01 Dec 1988 LEM/TEK/12 Guide to “Approved Medical Registered Practitioners (AMRP)” to perform Medical Examinations on Radiation Workers.
10 04 April 2017 LEM/TEK/14 Pin.1 Radon, Toron and his Children
11 09 Nov 2017 LEM/TEK/18 Sem.3 Recognition and Duties of Radiation Protection Officers
12 16 May 2019 LEM/TEK/20 Sem.1


Class H License Application Guide (Non-Medical Activities) To Carry Out Maintenance Services Radiation Apparatus And Sealing Root Apparatus.
13 16 May 2019 LEM/TEK/21 Sem.1

Class H License Application Guide (Non-Medical Activities) To Conduct Sealing Leakage Testing Services.
14 Nov 1989 LEM/TEK/23 Guide for the Handling of Radioactive Materials in Science Studies in Secondary Schools.
29 Dec 2015 LEM/TEK/28 Sem.1 Guide to Obtaining a Class A License from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board for the Manufacture of Materials Containing or Related to Natural Radioactive Materials (NORM)
16 29 Dec 2015 LEM/TEK/29 Sem.1 General Guide To Obtain Recognition From The Atomic Energy Licensing Board (Board) On Consulting Companies To Become Companies And Consulting Laboratories For Activities Related To Minerals And Natural Radioactive Natural Resources.
17 24 Nov 2016 LEM/TEK/30 Sem.3 Guidelines On Radiological Monitoring for Oil and Gas Facilities Operations Associated with Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM)
18 20 Sept 2018 LEM/TEK/35 Sem.1 International Nuclear and Radiological Incidence Scale (INES)
19 22 Jan 1994 LEM/TEK/38 Application Guide for Decsolution of Radioactive Mineral Manufacturing Installation Facility.
20 26 Feb 2019 LEM/TEK/40 Sem.3 Recognition & Duties of Consultant Operators
21 24 Nov 2016 LEM/TEK/41 Sem.1 Guide To Obtaining Recognition From The Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) To Become A Radiation Protection Consulting Company.
22 16 August 2016 LEM/TEK/44 Sem. 5 (Bhg. A) (a). Radiation Protection Officer Certification Standard

(b). Table 3: Syllabus for each field

23 09 March 2007 LEM/TEK/44 Sem. 1 (Bhg. B) (a). Recognition Standard as Radiation Protection Officer Certification Examination Center.

(b). Appendix 1: Form JKPPPS / 2Sem.1

24 17 Dec 2018 LEM/TEK/44 Sem.4 (Bhg.D) (a). Radiation Protection Officer Certification Examination Application Guide
25 11 May 2007 LEM/TEK/44 Sem.1 (Bhg. E) Radiation Protection Officer Certification Examination Procedure
26 12 May 2007 LEM/TEK/44 (Bhg. F) Radiation Protection Officer Certification Cheating Examination Procedure
27 04 Sept. 2019 LEM/TEK/44 Sem.7 (Bhg. G) Continuous Education Program (CEP) for the Purpose of Recognition of Radiation Protection Officers (PPS)
28 19 May 2020 LEM/TEK/45 Sem.2
Radiation Protection Program Preparation Guide
29 22 Dec 2016 LEM/TEK/50 Sem.1 Guide for Industrial Radiographic Trainee Operator Recognition Application
30 01 Dec 2007 LEM/TEK/51 Duties and Responsibilities of Radioactive Material Carriers.
31 29 Dec 2015 LEM/TEK/53 Sem.1 Standards For Modification Of Research Reactors
32 17 Jan 2017 LEM/TEK/54 Sem.1 Standards For Certification of Research Reactor Operator
33 30 April 2008 LEM/TEK/56 Guidelines for Decommissioning of Facilities Contaminated with Radioactive Materials.
34 02 Dec 2008 LEM/TEK/57 Code of Practice on Radiation Protection of Non Medical Gamma & Electron Irradiation Facilities
35 22 Dec 2016 LEM/TEK/58 Sem.1 Code of Practice On Radiation Protection Relating to Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) In Oil and Gas Facilities
36 01 Jan 2011 LEM/TEK/59 Guideline for HS Code:
Strategic Item Under Strategic Trade Act 2010 (Act 708)
37 01 Oct 2015 LEM/TEK/60 Pin.1 Guide to Performing Leak Tests on Sealing Causes
38 29 Oct 2018 LEM/TEK/62 Sem.2 Securities Plan Preparation Guide (Radioactive Materials)
39 22 March 2011 LEM/TEK/63 Guideline for Site Selection Nuclear Power Plant
40 22 March 2011 LEM/TEK/64 Guideline for Site Evaluation Nuclear Power Plant
41 20 Jan 2015 LEM/TEK/65 Sem.1 Work Area Classification Guide According to the Atomic Energy Licensing (Basic Safety Radiation Protection) Regulations 2010 {P.U (A) 46}
42 23 May 2016 LEM/TEK/66 Pin.2 Panduan Penyediaan dan Pengujian Pelan Kecemasan Radiologikal dan Nuklear
43 21 Sept 2016 LEM/TEK/68 Sem.1 Recognition and Duties of Independent Consultant Operators (PPB)
44 24 Nov 2016 LEM/TEK/69 Sem.1 Assessment And Licensing Of Consumer Product Containing Radioactive Material
45 26 Jun 2019 LEM/TEK/70 Sem.1 Storage Facility Criteria For Radioactive Materials And Radiation Apparatus
46 28 Jun 2016 LEM/TEK/71 Guide to Managing Radiation Sources Stuck During Well Logging Activities
47 12 July 2016 LEM/TEK/72 Guideline for License Application for Radioactive Waste Decposal Facilities (Borehole Decposal)
48 06 Feb 2018 LEM/TEK/73 Guide to Application for Temporary Change of Employee Dose Limit Under Special Conditions
49 05 Jul 2018 LEM/TEK/74 Guide to Determining Licensing of Activities Involving Natural Radioactive Materials (NORM) Under Act 304.
50 25 Oct 2019
Nuclear Security Training Syllabus Guide by Training Agency.
51 19 August 2020
LEM/TEK/76 Sem.1
Criteria For Siting Of Decposal Facility For Waste Containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
52 01 Oct 2020
LEM/TEK/77 New
Guide to the Management Procedures for Ownership of Radioactive Materials or Nuclear Materials Available in the Ownership of Licensees
53 01 Oct 2020
LEM/TEK/78 New
Guide to Radiation Apparatus Ownership Management Procedures Available in Licensee Ownership