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Client Charter

Licence Application

License Category​​​
Charter Period
(from date complete application up to date license fee requested)
A (Radioactive Material)
8 working days
A (Manufacture of Materials Radioactive)
7 months
3 months
6 months
B (Nuclear Material (Framing))
8 working days
C (Radiation Apparatus)
8 working days
D (Transport)
8 working days
E (Import / Export)
8 working days
G (Disposal)
8 working days
H (Environment)
3 months
2 months
2 months
H (Industry)
2 months
1 months
1 months

Permission Application (Permit)

1. Recognition of radiation workers
i. Operator 3 working days
ii. Radiation Consultant Services (JPS) 3 working days
iii. Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) 3 working days
iv. Supervisor (PY) 3 working days
v. Conversion of Responsible Person to License (OBTL) 2 working days
2. Permission does not involve site visits
i. Disposal of radioactive waste / nuclear material / designated objects; 4 working days
ii. Area reclassification application (irradiation apparatus) 4 working days
iii. Application for Change / Addition of Company Address 4 working days
iv. Application to change the location of radioactive material / irradiation apparatus 4 working days
v. Stop operations / dissolve / leave facilities 4 working days
vi. Application for export permit for strategic goods (e-Permit under STA 2010) 5 working days
3. Permission involves site visits
i. Application to build / use a permanent / temporary storage place for radioactive materials 7 working days
ii. Application to build / use exposure room 7 working days
iii. Application to do radiographic work in public areas 7 working days
iv. Application to resume temporary storage of radioactive material 7 working days

Enforcement Act

i. Settlement of any enforcement action (investigation and prosecution) 6 months
ii. Investigation into all complaints regarding atomic energy activity Will start within 24 hours
iii. Inform the results of the investigation on the complaint to the complainant. 2 weeks

Customer Complaints

If you find that your CLIENT CHARTER is not compliant, please contact the Director General:
: 6-03-89225888
: 6-03-89223685
: kplpta@aelb.gov.my ​​