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(02 - 05 December 2019) International Response Training (AELB-ORS);
Managed by : BKS; Venue : AELB

(03 December 2019) Latihan Penggunaan Peralatan Pemonitoran Personel (PRD) Model FLIR R-100 dan Peralatan Identifikasi Radionuklid (RID) Model FLIR R-440;
Managed by : AELB & Greenfinite (M) Sdn. Bhd.; Venue : AELB

(04 December 2019) Lawatan Saintifik Delegasi dari Afghanistan Atomic Energy High Commission (AAEHC);
Managed by : IAEA; Venue : AELB

(13 December 2019) Kempen Derma Darah from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm;
Managed by : Pusat Darah Negara; Venue : Dewan Utama AELB

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Updated : 19 September 2019

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